Sunday, August 18, 2013

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Took some pics to document the recovery from my lip. Basal Cell is the most common type of skin cancer. It occurs from UV exposure. It can happen to anyone. See a dermatologist on a regular basis and take note of new skin growths or moles. Mine happened on my lip.

post biopsy

post Mohs Surgery

Day 2 - after the bandage was removed

Day 4...looking good. Blue stitches

Stitches into the lip and mouth. Made eating hard.

Almost done...

cat don't give a shit. As long as I feed him,

Day 12!!! Can you believe it? It's like it never happened

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday, October 23, 2010

They Hate Our Guts | The Weekly Standard

They Hate Our Guts | The Weekly Standard

I hate em right back.

It’s worse than that. Democrats aren’t just dateless dweebs clambering upon the Statue of Liberty carrying a wilted bouquet and trying to cop a feel. Theirs is a different kind of love story. Power, not politics, is what the Democrats love. Politics is merely a way to power’s heart. When politics is the technique of seduction, good looks are unnecessary, good morals are unneeded, and good sense is a positive liability. Thus Democrats are the perfect Lotharios. And politics comes with that reliable boost for pathetic egos, a weapon: legal monopoly on force. If persuasion fails to win the day, coercion is always an option.

At the damned heart of every legislative and executive encumbrance they inflict on us is this: they are buying votes to stay in power over us. Health care. Cap and tax. Environmental bullshit. Financial regulation. Union pension bailouts.

All of it boils down to this. Control over us. Squeeze the goose until it can't lay again (see Europe,

This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order. Power has been trapped, abused and exploited by Democrats. Go to the ballot box and put an end to this abusive relationship. And let’s not hear any nonsense about letting the Democrats off if they promise to get counseling.

I wouldn't believe em no matter what they say. Nov. 2, restraining order. Put it on em.

Friday, August 6, 2010

It is easier to be gay at a Tea Party than be a Conservative at a Gay Party

Why why why....must I be osterized with my own friends (they aren't) when they find out I am a registered Republican...but more government...fiscal sanity...personal responsibility... umf.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My favorite gif: Head bashing keyboard

Haha. Oil spill, O reaction, Dems spending, Healthcare passing, Finreg, more regulation, stupid people, people who don't embrace personal responsibility, Black Panters, NAACP, etc. this gif is for you...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Helen has a new 50" Panasonic Plasma

Highest rated TV according to CNET. Pioneer technology, THX and all that stuff. pics in oppsite setup order...will not be able to place it on stand until I get help...

Golf Course more than the Gulf Coast: Go Obama Go

Friday, May 28, 2010

Helen is hooking up her PS3 in anticipation of her new 50" HDTV

It's not going well....

I'm actually pretty good at this. But the new Denon receiver's book sux. And it has an antenna which will detect your speaker's locations and set the sound accordingly, which is again awesome.

But apparently my Rear Surround is blown out. So instead of just saying, we have set your speakers that we detected, it says, error and cancels.. I have to work on this....

The 50" Panasonic G25 comes on Tuesday. That will make this all cool

Cat enjoys new spaces. she couldn't get back there before.

So why did I get a PS3 instead of a basic blu-ray? It has so much more capabilities, game being the obvious one. I have 14 days to decide if I want to return it and just go straight blu ray. But until I get the receiver configured, I don't think I can properly understand the calabrinics. I made that word up.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Helen finds it Ironic that a Law that makes Illegals being arrested as Illegals may be Considered as Illegal by The Chosen One Obama

Arizona governor signs immigration law; foes promise fight

Arizona governor signs immigration law; foes promise fight

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer today signed into law an immigration bill that gives the state toughest law in the nation, making it a state crime to be in the country illegally and requiring local police to enforce federal immigration laws.

Brewer said she signed the bill in response to "the crisis the federal government has refused to fix.''

Look out Texas! They will head for our hills to avoid the arrests in Arizona! Flow flow flow over the borders. Poor, poor illegals for being caught for being illegal.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Henry Waxman and the New American Way

Henry Waxman and the New American Way

Depressing article if you believe it:

One of the dirty little secrets of Capitol Hill is that most politicians – even the ones the horserace-focused media depicts as irredeemably ideologically divided – actually have no coherent driving ideology. The secret is revealed only occasionally. If powerful oversight chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) hadn’t reconsidered his plans this week to call the CEOs of major companies into committee chambers for his version of Beltway blackmail, the American people might have had an opportunity to witness it being revealed.

Waxman originally called the hearing in a characteristic fit of pique. After more than nine months of labor, the House of Representatives had finally given birth to the gargantuan ogre of Obamacare. Yet before the Democratic leadership could finish tousling the hair of the prop children at their signing ceremonies, corporate America started following the law, in the most inconvenient manner possible: they reported to their investors and employees the effects the new legislation would have on their benefit plans.

In each case, the analysts employed by major companies like AT&T, Verizon Communications, Caterpillar, Deere & Co. and others did their job: they delivered reports detailing the ramifications – higher premiums, dropped drug coverage, and forcing their employees into taxpayer-funded plans – thanks to the new bill. Waxman, infuriated, demanded the CEOs of these troublesome companies turn over all internal communications about the predicted results, as if he thought they would reveal some devious Republican plot, instead of the simple mathematical calculations of the green eyeshades and the diligent efforts of company lawyers to ensure that the companies complied with federal disclosure laws.

The inconvenient truth for Waxman – something he would know if he weren’t a dogmatic partisan – is that he’s seeing a feature of Obamacare, not a bug. The ideological basis of the health reform package was never about lowering insurance premiums for the American people, increasing the quality of care, or decreasing the burden of health costs on corporate America. Quite the contrary; it was designed to advance a long-term agenda to cede massive authority to government, and to achieve a permanent social change in the path to prosperity. And, yes, to use increased costs to limit the options open to large corporations.

The aims of socialism are often misunderstood by most Americans, as the only socialist most know of is that harmless disheveled professor on the local campus. It’s a word which can hardly be considered insulting when an elected Senator of the Socialist party caucuses with the Democrats. While socialism is sold as a way to elevate the underclass, the actual result of its application isn’t to increase the prosperity of the poor – it’s a method of achieving permanent stratification by allowing the more productive members of society to pass any losses onto others.

The reason socialism fails, as my colleague Francis Cianfrocca describes it, is that it socializes losses, not gains. It is an application of the “too big to fail” policy across all levels of society – because the losers no longer face consequences for their mistakes, businessmen are happy to make more of them, morphing into the oligarchs of the Soviet era. The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor, and the classless society becomes one where the boundaries of class are nigh impossible to break.

President Obama has drawn many comparisons to Jimmy Carter and Woodrow Wilson, but his agenda is, in its all-encompassing approach, far more ambitious. As Josh Trevino has pointed out, where liberal projects once consisted of focused attacks on either end of the economic continuum – punitive taxes on the wealthy, union enabling, the minimum wage, and Lyndon B. Johnson’s war on poverty – Obama’s agenda is designed to destroy the ability to transit from one end of the continuum to the other. Every new cushion, apparently designed to ease the pain of losses, means new barriers obstructing individual freedom of action and the expected rewards of risk-taking, resulting in an immovable class society.

What is unprecedented about this agenda is that it fundamentally alters the traditional pathways to prosperity in American life. Social mobility is a distinctive, near-unique feature of America throughout its history. But if you are going to achieve financial success in Obama’s America, you will do so by following the path of these CEOs: passing the costs of benefits onto the taxpayers, spreading the burden of your losses to others, and, ideally, selling something to the government – the customer who never stops buying.

This is our future, designed by the leftist philosophers who inform President Obama’s views, and shepherded into law by partisan politicians like Henry Waxman. Welcome to the new American way.

Bordering On Fraud

Bordering On Fraud